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Rob Evans is no stranger to a good night. Having experienced the vibe from the legendary Escape night club. 

Room one was a haven for driving and melodic trance beats. And Room twos funky sounds Rob was mesmerised by the likes of Paul Van Dyk and local hero's DJ Alan Tomlinson(Big AL)  & Danny Slade. Knowing that his heroes are advocates of vinyl djing, Rob was destined for a pair of turntables. 

Having locked himself away for years practising the art of djing with constant frustration, Rob slowly developed the art and the ear required for djing. 

For The Love of Trance

It is safe to say that Rob took a lot of influences from the vibes of the 90s and brought them into the future with plenty of practice.

Learning the sacred art of vinyl djing, Rob slowly picked up many gigs in the local scene.

Rob soon found himself on the same roster as his idols playing in Escape before the building was sadly closed. He then went onto play a smaller crowd in Club Oxygen. 

Having to adapt for the different venues he was playing for, Rob soon discovered another love for progressive house. Combining the melodic progressions in trance and the driving beats from progressive house, Rob was soon caught in the gaze of some legendary venues up and down the country. 

One of the biggest achievements was playing in Ministry of Sound in London, which shows how much of a crowd collaborator Rob is. Soon after Rob found himself wrapped up in the awe of playing for none other than Cream Ibiza tour with Agnelli and Nelson He found himself up and down the country playing for different crowds but being allowed to play the music he is a catalyst for.

Rob certainly impressed the audience with his selection of music. In 2010 Rob fell in love with Progressive House and Trance music again and started pushing his new sound Rob is now back on lineups all over Uk for the likes of New Town and the 90s events that are popping up everywhere. 

It’s safe to say Rob has a profound knowledge of djing and musical tastes and he is looking to repeat the same old mantra that he has represented for all his years of djing in London and beyond. In 2019 Rob had the Vision of Saving Light events Which is all about the love of music and helping people who suffer from mental health challenges which has gone from strength to strength with world-known heavyWeight Dj`s such as Allen Watts, Alessandra Roncone, Paul Denton, Xiajro & Pitch and Mista Hisloot already in full support and played on events.

Rob is now also a renowned producer under his NuSpirit & Future state And Nuspirit Production Guise, recently remixing for The Conductor & The Cowboy. Rob`s looking to push his love of the retro emotional Trance vibe into the new era of Trance and Progressive Music.


NuSpirit's Gigs, bookings & Guest Mixes Include: 


Rebels Productions (Argentina)

Ministry of Sound (London)

Cream Ibiza tour (Swansea)

Irish Trance family (Ireland)

Last night a DJ charity 

Saving Light (UK)

Magnetic (Scotland)

Fortify Club (England)

Ministry of sound (malta)

Uprise (England)

Together Through Trance (Uk)

Phever FM (Ireland)

Nowhereworld (Canada)

Afterhours FM (Worldwide)

Trancefamily (UAE)

TrancePulse FM (Ireland)